10 Useful Tips for Men Traveling Alone

Time and tide wait for nobody and the present generation knows it better than anyone else. It is thus, not uncommon for men and women to travel solo at their convenience. But the challenges each gender faces are different. Here are 10 tips for those men who love to be on their own.

  1. Don’t be hasty: It is the nature of men of act first and thinks While it is okay in known circumstances and surrounding, it is not the safest thing to do in unknown terrain.
  2. No drinks and drugs please: While it is ok to indulge in an occasional drink be in control because too much alcohol will land you in trouble especially in a land where the laws are different.
  3. Don’t show attitude: You want people to help you and guide you in a foreign land and not instead attack you for your boorish attitude. It is crucial that you remain calm and friendly at all times when you interact with locals.
  4. Your gadgets are your responsibility: Don’t attract attention by flashing your latest gadgets around or you waiting for bad things to happen to you. Keep your smartphone handy and carry a power bank to never be caught with a dead battery in an alien place.
  5. Don’t be a victim of pickpocket: Ensure the front pockets in your pant are zipped. Ideally, a money belt is a better option.
  6. Keep yourself safe: Solo men are known to want to “Check it out” with local women. Please practice safe sex.
  7. Exercise caution when interacting with women of other cultures: Not all cultures encourage free speech between men and women; you might end up giving wrong signals.
  8. Don’t hesitate to say no to things or actions you are not comfortable doing.
  9. Don’t miss out on eating the local delicacies. But again, exercise restraint and be polite and courteous to the staff.
  10. Don’t get scammed especially when using the local transport. Do your research before you haggle over the price.