5 Ways to Keep Your Dog Happy Whilst You’re on Holiday

Going on a holiday is the best part of life, but if you are leaving your dog at home, then it’s always a matter of worry. Whether it’s eating properly or may have run away in search of you, are the things that usually play in your mind. Here are the 5 ways to keep your dog happy while you’re on holiday.

  1. Goodbye should be short and sweet

Leave your dog in a state of mind as you do in other times. Leaving them feeling anxious would be harder to say goodbye for both of you. Make it swift and move on.

  1. Detailed pet care instruction

Whenever you are leaving your dog, leave instructions in detail that there would be no confusion for the person maintaining the daily routine of your dog. A note should specify about the food, medicine, treats to be given and everything in detail. It’s always better to introduce your pet to your home pet-sitter and make him go through your routine and show where everything is.

  1. Personal details

The care doesn’t mean the feeding only, but there are a lot many things like when to take your dog on a walk and for how long? What is his favorite game? How it behaves outside? How it socializes with other animals? What are the causes of his showing aggression? What are your pet’s favorite quirks? What makes him annoyed? You should not forget to mention something that might put both your dog and pet-sitter in trouble.

  1. Small comforts

Always make him sense your presence by leaving little things in your absence. Leave your old T-shirt on the bed and treats like toys or best dog frisbee to play with him. Keep pet-safe bone and other little things that will keep him occupied. Tell your pet-sitter all about his comfort zone.

  1. Familiar environment

Try to keep your dog in the environment that is familiar to him. It’s always good to keep him in the home under the care of pet-sitter and also don’t put him in a much stressful condition in your absence.



7 Tips To Keep Your Pet Happy When You’re Away On Vacation