Best undiscovered honeymoon destinations

Planning your honeymoon is one of the most exciting parts about getting married – traveling to a beautiful destination with your loved one for a romantic break alone! There are lots of well-known and popular honeymoon destinations, but here we will take a look at some more unusual destinations to make your trip really memorable and unique.

If you are planning a ski trip with your new spouse, there are loads of great, undiscovered destinations to choose from. If you want to stay in the US, Timberline Lodge in Oregon is a good choice. It can be used throughout most of the year, as it has the longest season of any resort in the US. The longest run in the resort is around 2 miles long, and there are runs to suit all levels of ability.

If you fancy a beach getaway, again there are many relatively unknown locations you can choose from. Costa Rica’s Carate is a great choice for couples who love to be active. You can enjoy scuba diving, trek through the rainforest or enjoy some yoga to clear your mind. Portugal’s Algarve is a nice choice for newlyweds who wish to explore Europe. Here, you can enjoy swimming or sunbathing at the beach or try some delicious local cuisine.

For those looking for an authentic safari experience, head to Tanzania. Here you will see all the African wildlife you’ve only seen on television before, as well as have the chance to enjoy the golden beaches.

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