Bist du ein echter Cosplayer?


Cosplay means enacting the character from a story be it fiction or fairytale. It is a contraction of the words costume play because of it the depiction of artists as some character exactly by appearance or by performance.this culture has grown rapidly over the last few years and it is a significant culture in Japan where it started and even in other Asian and western countries.

Taking it to a new level is having competitions at local and international conventions and also via social networks centered on cosplay activities. Let us see some qualities which qualify you to be a real cosplayer and makes you a CosplayHero:

  • Interest: Whenever you watch a show you look for characters that you can become or enact. This is the first quality which shows your interest in
  • Creative: you need to be a person full of ideas so that not alone the makeup and look but also your actions prove to make you a worthy cosplayer. You need to put in some extra effort and make the character look just real in every place.
  • You think outside the box: when any situation occurs or a question is shooted to an audience, if you are the person who gives the answer that nobody imagines, then you are the right person to try cosplay and flourish in the art.
  • You read a lot of DIY articles: if you are inclined to read the DIY articles and make a continuous effort to try making the necessary props then there you go to be that
  • You know your own skills: when you know your product and you can join with your friend s for making ideas into activities, this makes the cops interesting and healthy
  • You never throw fabric away: if you keep the fabrics from old clothes or from materials remaining after stitching, you are really ardent towards creative costume designing and this can make you a cosplayer.