Five Design Apps ToHelp You Plan Home Renovations

Planning to renovate your home then make use of this app.  This will let you save on hiring an interior designer without compromising on the décor and designing of your home. These design apps lets you post the pics of your room on the app and it gives you design recommendations. Here are the five apps that you should definitely look at when designing your home.

Build Shop

Design your home with ease with the mobile app. Whether you want to remodel your home or design it differently, the app lets you do it easily. You also get a to-do feature and a checklist and you also get to share your designs and get recommendations. You get all these amazing features on a single platform and get to design the home as you wish to.

Photo measures

If you plan to go furniture shopping them makes use of this app. It lets you take measurements of your room by taking photos. You can draw the room measurements on the photo and then edit it anytime you wish to. Zoom in or zoom it out to make it more precise and you can also export it to the desired format.

Magic Plan

For indoor data, you can use this design app. This app lets you collect and reorganize all the data and you can share this data with your contractor. The room measurements can be taken using your smartphone or our tablet. You can visualize the room and then make changes as per your wish. There is a free as the well as a paid version which you can make use of. Check this on Draft Force.

Color Snap

If you are undecided about the colors of your room then use this app. It will let you blend colors and see how it looks. You can visualize and see how the color looks. The app also gives you suggestions for improvement and using better colors. You can then choose what you like the most.

Planner 5D

This app lets you create realistic plans. You can choose what you want to do and then plan the design. You can design each room separately using this app. You can view the room in 2D, 3D as well as 5D