How to get fit for the summer holidays

Looking to get in shape to impress the opposite gender for the summer holidays? You’ve come to the right place to look for some great tips. Here at movomovo we specialize at these sorts of things and we have the right knowledge to help you start losing weight today for the summer.

The first tip is to cut down on carb intake, if you are just eating plain rice and hoping to lose weight you’ll be disappointed, even if you are extremely hungry. This is because your body isn’t using any of the fat rather its slowing down its metabolism and using the carbs you ate instead. Try to limit it to below 150 and ideally under 50-100 if possible.

The second tip is to constantly exercise, in order to lose weight, you need to have a combination of both responsible eating habits and exercise. This is to burn the highest number of calories possible, with a combination of exercise (which burns calories) and a calorie and carb deficit from eating less carbs and food in general. You’ll be looking at a great stomach sometime soon.

The third and last tip is to try taking some supplements such as minerals, protein bars or powder that help your body completely rebuild itself after long, high-intensity workouts that losing weight will require you to do. Doing this will make your transition periods smaller and your gains bigger, shelling out only 20$ for some protein bars and vitamin supplements shouldn’t kill you, if it does, you should probably be thinking about day to day survival rather than getting fit for the summer.

In conclusion, I hope these tips can help you find a good way to get fit for the summer months to do well at the beach and be a healthier person! Please read more articles if you want more info.