How to Maintain Hair When You Travelling

I am a crybaby all through my traveling:

I am extremely particular about everything that has got to do with my appearance and presentation and I am at the parlor every week but if there is one thing that gets on to me is the hair and its care when I am traveling.

My job includes a lot of traveling lately:

The problem with my hair is that they are too dry:

With my Asian roots from one of my parents, it does become a little difficult when you have to tame your hair that wants to particularly behave badly each time I have a business trip scheduled.

I have worn a bandana in worst cases:

I have tried looking cool by wearing hair bandanas and stuff but these are definitely not what you can carry with your office attire. The protocol is most definitely different. So, I cannot put my hair in a bun and simply walk into the boardroom with a flashing smile. No, I cannot!’

I was looking out at the store when I found this hair dryer that promised me that it won’t further dry my hair:

I know you will say that you have heard promises like that already and that you no longer believe that a hair dryer cannot be harsh on my scalp and your hair!

But listen, this one is really good!

It blows hot air and cold air and air just right at room temperature. The air at a proper temperature and the cold air make sure that the moisture from the hair is not robbed and that they do not dry out or that the scalp does not become flaky.

I am extremely happy with my travel hair dryer. It is small and can even fit into my handbag! So, in between meetings also, I can reset my hair! So happy to have found this one guy!!