How to Pack a Suitcase: Smart Packing & Travel Best Tips

Traveling is fun, exciting, exploring the new places that are still untouched by anyone, experiencing new adventures. But all these excitement can go off when it comes to packing your bags for the journey. It is a hectic and stressful job that cannot be avoided at any cost. But these smart tips can make your packing experience a little better.

1) Start with a list: Yes it does sound old school but it is very important to make a list before you start packing else you might forget what you packed already. Make a list of how many clothes, shoes and other things you need, sometimes we pack much more than actually needed so it is better to pack things considering each day of the travel. A list can save you a lot of stress of thinking about what to pack.

2) Roll clothes: Everyone has heard of this tip, but does it really works? Yes, many have experienced that rolling clothes saves a lot of space as compared to folding your clothes. Try this tip next time you are running out of space in your suitcase.

3) Pack extra bags: It is a good option to pack some plastic bags, zip lock bags or small bags that can come in handy to pack some extra clothes during your day trips in the new place or to keep wet and dirty clothes separate from the washed ones.

4) Pack cameras separately: When traveling you might want to carry your camera to capture those picture perfect sunsets but it is good option to pack a separate bag for your camera, laptops and other accessories [phrase including binoculars].

5) Pack smartly for hot and cold temperatures: Instead of carrying heavy jackets it is better option to wear layers of clothes so you can use the same set of clothes for both hot and cold weathers and they are much lighter to carry and pack.