So war YouTube vor 10 Jahren

Seeing the extensive penetration of YouTube it is hard to believe that the first ever video was uploaded in the domain in 2005. It has been just over a decade since this video sharing platform was started but it has branched out and diversified in plenty of ways. is the website of a social media marketing company that uses YouTube and other social media platforms to help businesses upgrade their marketing strategies. If you have been inspired looking at the growth and the many features that YouTube offers today you would be able to appreciate this site even more if you get to know what it was like 10 years ago.

‘Me at the Zoo’ posted by one of the founders Jawed Karim is the very first video that was ever uploaded on YouTube. This was the first time a YouTube account was created to upload and share videos. There were not too many features on YouTube as you can find today. There were a simpler layout and the option to upload videos. The layout has not changed too much in all these years, however.

People started sharing videos where celebrities were spotted and such themes started gaining a good popularity. This was when the ‘search term’ craze started and everyone wanted to check out what that one search term that everyone was talking about.

People started posting more personal and more relatable videos on YouTube way back in 2006. As the viewers could connect with such videos this marked the beginning of the concept of Vlogs or video logging where people capture videos of their everyday moments and show the world what their life is all about. This is a trend that has caught up like wildfire and today there are many who wait to watch updates from the popular vloggers around the world.