The Best Honeymoon Planning: 13 Tips to Create the Trip of a Lifetime

For many couples honeymoon is their first and best trip together. This could get stressful especially after months of hectic wedding plans. Here are 13 tips to create a trip of a lifetime for both of you.

  1. Early Bird Gets The Worm

the best time is to book a honeymoon deal 6 – 8 months in advance. This is the best way to grab the best deal to a romantic resort or for premium rooms.

  1. Plan & Work Together

If one does all the trip planning & travel arrangement it may not be nice for both. So from planning, budgeting, dividing the chores, packing, and traveling together to honeymoon.

  1. Your Honeymoon Trip

When it is your both honeymoon trip together create a new one that you both will enjoy. Avoid trying to copy your friend couple’s trip because they had a blast. it’s your trip now.

  1. Internet Research is not The Only Search

Google search is the easiest and most effortless search you can do. But not the only research. Many reviews online could be paid and fake reviews and you do not want that to ruin your honeymoon.

  1. Travel Agents

Some see it as waste of money but others see it as skilled planning & researching on honeymoon destinations, great deals, rooms availability, and outstanding client services till they’re back from trip.

  1. Specific on Your Requirements

Using a travel agent is better when you give them the details on what exact type of honeymoon you are planning – is it adventurous, a quiet romantic time, or within a budget or going for shows, etc.

  1. Schedule Surprises

While planning, working, packing, and traveling together is great, it is good to sneak in a couple of pleasant surprises. A special romantic dinner, pool side party or a cool Full face snorkel mask for a panoramic underwater experience together.