The Ultimate Sailing Trip Packing Tips

This sailing trip may be the first time for some of you. It could also be a holiday trip for many and you really don’t want it getting all messed up. Here are the Ultimate Sailing Trip Packing Tips that prevents such unwanted annoying times on your happy water trip. Read on …

  1. Lightweight Packing – This is a very important packing tip especially if you’re planning a sailing trip. You really don’t want to make the tiny boat heavy and congested with luggage. Remember a duffel bag or a single reasonable sized trolley suitcase is sufficient – if not, pack lesser and stick to just one.

  1. Seasickness Antidotes – You may not realize you’re seasick until you go on that ferry. So, keep natural ingredients just in case. Take the advice of a doctor to get the concerned medications. Pack them along and products like covers to hold vomit, wrist band for nausea etc. for motion sickness.

  1. Waterproof Windbreakers – Pack swimsuits, light wear, swimming caps, sun hats and snorkeling sets but many forget windbreakers as it gets windy at timers and many can’t take the chill. You’ll also find wetness and moisture and no place to dry them out, so carry an insulated waterproof windbreaker.

  1. Biodegradable Hygiene – Pack dry shampoo, hand sanitizers, face fresheners, and other earth-friendly alternative products for sanitary pads or tampons as these are difficult to dispose off on-board.

  1. Power Bank – Most important for your gadgets like charging your smartphone, a power packed lightweight power bank is a must as there are A/C outlets but also many wanting to charge their phones. But, products & services you find at are surprising onboard.

  1. Other Necessities – For overnight cruises take Eye Masks & Ear Muffs to keep sound and light out to get a sound sleep. Keep a dry bag for keeping cellphones, memory cards, small valuables credit cards etc. safe with you but not wet. Lastly keep documents safe and in order.